We compare the safety, ease of use and effectiveness of the no scalpel and standard incision approaches to vasectomy.

Materials and Methods:

A multicenter, randomized, partially masked controlled trial was conducted at 8 sites in Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Semen samples were collected 10 weeks postoperatively and tested to ascertain sterility using verification of no living spermatozoa.


The study included 1,429 men seeking vasectomy. The efficacy of the 2 approaches was virtually identical. In the no scalpel group operating time was significantly shorter, and complications and pain were less frequent than in the standard incision group. The no scalpel group resumed intercourse sooner, probably as a result of less pain following the procedure.


The no scalpel approach is an important advance in the surgical approach to vasectomy, and offers fewer side effects and greater comfort compared to the standard incision technique, without compromising efficacy.


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From the Family Health International and Clinical Trials Support Services, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina